I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, digital scrapbooker and design artist, and kindergarten teacher. But best of all: I am a Child of God.

Why did I choose “Inner Light Inspirations” as my Designer Name? Well, I was having trouble coming up with a name, since my real last name is so difficult. I finally sat down at the computer and prayed for the Lord to speak to me what my name should be in order to best glorify Him. After that moment of prayer, I opened up my current Bible Study book, and reread a passage from this morning’s study which dealt with different names for God. The one that stood out the most was “Inner Light.” I googled “inner light” and came up with this wikipedia entry which was so interesting, and seemed to convey exactly what I was looking for. So “Inner Light” it was. I was going to add the word “Designs,” but in googling that, I found it was already being used, and I didn’t want to infringe on an already established business. So I looked up “Inner Light Creations,” but that was being used, too. So I went to the Thesaurus and looked up “design.” I finally came up with “Inspirations,” and I had my Designer Name! May it be a name which will always remind me and my customers of the reason we’re here.


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