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Learning how to color…

I absolutely adore and admire Kate Hadfield’s work. I love her hand-colored elements, and I have always wanted to know how to make my creations look like I colored them myself. Since I am completely self-taught on my art-work, I hadn’t learned how to do this … until today.

I’m so excited to have found this blog post which shows exactly how to color and shade appropriately! She discusses using Copic Markers, which I am half-tempted to run out and purchased based on her tutorials, but since I can’t really draw worth a lick, I’m afraid that might be a bit foolish. Instead, I used these same techniques in ArtRage, and came up with this:

I’m pretty happy with my first attempt at shading with markers!

I am also just about ready to finish up the Art of Digital Design class at This class has helped me grow as a designer, and I now feel that I am ready to join all the other fabulous designers and make my little mark on the internet world. I am so very thankful to A Moment in Scrap for giving me my start. Here we go!


Hummie’s World Designer Challenge

The latest Designer Challenge over at Hummie’s World is to contribute toward a kit started by Christine Smith. Head on over there to pick up her minikit for free, but not before grabbing my coordinating paper pack here!

There are six richly textured papers in this pack. Two have beautiful patterns, and the other four are solids. Enjoy!

Where have I been?

Being a viola player in my area means I am called to play many local high school musicals and theater groups. March and April are prime season for high school musicals around here! ThenĀ  you throw in a Palm Sunday performance and a wedding, and it seems like that’s all I’ve been doing lately! But I have lots of ideas churning in my head for when I have a free moment to work on some things! Thanks for waiting!

The start of something good

What has been a dream for probably three years has finally become a reality. I have gained enough skill and confidence to sell my designs in an online store. Actually not one, but two stores offered me a position in the same day! You will soon be able to find me at A Moment in Scrap and also at The Scrapbook Connection. I am so excited to begin this wonderful journey! Stay tuned!